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PowerShell V3 Console improvement

This may not seem earth shattering, but it’s major news in my world (I’m a 1 finger typist) In the V3 CTP, you now have the ability to use autocomplete in the console, in the middle of a line without losing the rest of the line. This allows you to do this: Get-Mailbox |Select-Object Name, […]


PowerShell V.Next: Simplified Where-Object and ForEach-Object

I was perusing the samples that come with the PowerShell V3  CTP (Samples\WindowsPowerShell) when I noticed a folder called “Simplified Foreach and Where” Lo and behold, you no longer need curly braces “{}” or the $_ to refer to the current object in the ForEach-Object and  Where-Object cmdlets! The sample is incredibly simple, but quickly […]


PowerShell V 3.0 CTP Export-Csv now has an Append parameter!

Great news for all those folks who rely on Export-Csv and who have been wanting an Append parameter! The latest CTP of PowerShell 3.0 now provides the parameter. It’s not perfect, but it’s close – if the data you are exporting does not match the current data, you will receive an error: If you rerun […]