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Modify PowerGUI snippets to function in the PowerShell ISE

Recently I discovered Glen Scales post “EWS Snippets for PowerGui” Although PowerGUI now works with version 3 of PowerShell, I am still using the PowerShell ISE for script development. So, I wrote a script to convert PowerGUI snippets to PowerShell ISE snippets. Both PowerGUI and PowerShell ISE snippets are written in XML. Sadly, I am […]

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Print from PowerShell’s Integrated Scripting Environment

Since I started working with the PowerShell V# CTP, I have been using the ISE instead of PowerGUI’s script editor, as PowerGUI does not yet support .Net version 4, which is required by PowerShell V3. One feature that is missing in the ISE is the ability to print a script. Jeffry Hicks has a solution […]

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