Quick modification of the Compare-Command.ps1 script

I found a few issues with my Compare-Command script, and have resolved them.

If you have already downloaded it from TechNet, thanks, and you can just modify the following two lines:

Line 72 becomes:
$V3Detailed |select -ExpandProperty Parameters |ForEach-Object -Process {$V3Paramaters += ($($_.Name)=$($_.ParameterType.name)=$($V3ModuleName[0]))}

Line 82, likewise, becomes:
$V2Detailed |select -ExpandProperty Parameters |ForEach-Object -Process {$V2Paramaters += ($($_.Name)=$($_.ParameterType.Split(“.”)[-1])=$($V2ModuleName[0]))”)}

While I am at it, I am wondering if people like having the script(s) available to download from TechNet, or if it’s more convient for me to paste them into my posts?

Leave a comment and I will decide how to handle future scripts.


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