Quickly compare PowerShell V2 and V3 cmdlets

Recently, I was looking for the difference between the Get-ChildItem cmdlet in Version 2 and Version 3 of Windows PowerShell.

Although you can Bing “PowerShell Get-ChildItem v3” and get an accurate listing of the new parameters from TechNet, that’s not true for all cmdlets, so I wrote a quick little script to find the information.

Along with the required Name parameter, the script takes several optional Switch parameters to modify the output.

1.       You can list parameters that the cmdlet shares between versions with the parameter “Common”.

2.       You can list parameters that existed in version 2, but which are not in version 3 with the parameter “Removed”.

3.       You can list the new parameter names and type with the parameter “Detailed”.

With no optional parameters, the script just lists new parameter names.

If the cmdlet is new to PowerShell version 3, the script will report that, and show the parameter names.

I use a custom view to present the information requested.

The script and custom view are a little too long to post here, so I will post them in the TechNet Gallery.

Pick up a copy of the script here.

I will however, explain myself a little J

First, a few examples:

Here we will show the new parameters for the cmdlet Get-ChildItem, along with their types:

► .\Compare-Command.ps1 Get-ChildItem –Detailed
Cmdlet                                                     New Parameter                                       Type
Get-ChildItem                                          Attributes                                                 FlagsExpression`1
Get-ChildItem                                          Directory                                                  SwitchParameter
Get-ChildItem                                          File                                                           SwitchParameter
Get-ChildItem                                          Hidden                                                     SwitchParameter
Get-ChildItem                                          ReadOnly                                                 SwitchParameter
Get-ChildItem                                          System                                                     SwitchParameter

Here, we show the new and removed parameters for the cmdlet Restart-Computer, and once again output their types:

.\Compare-Command.ps1 -Name Restart-Computer -Detailed –Removed
Cmdlet                                 New Parameter                     Removed Parameter           Type
Restart-Computer                DcomAuthentication                                                         AuthenticationLevel
Restart-Computer                WsmanAuthentication                                                      String
Restart-Computer                Protocol                                                                             String
Restart-Computer                Wait                                                                                   SwitchParameter
Restart-Computer                Timeout                                                                              Int32
Restart-Computer                For                                                                                      WaitForServiceTypes
Restart-Computer                Delay                                                                                  Int16
Restart-Computer                                                              Authentication                     AuthenticationLevel


Finally, we show that ConvertTo-Json is a new cmdlet, and we show the parameters for the cmdlet:

.\Compare-Command.ps1 -name ConvertTo-Json
Cmdlet                                                                                New Parameter
ConvertTo-Json (New Cmdlet)                                            Input Object
ConvertTo-Json (New Cmdlet)                                            Depth
ConvertTo-Json (New Cmdlet)                                            Compress
ConvertTo-Json (New Cmdlet)                                            Verbose
ConvertTo-Json (New Cmdlet)                                            Debug
ConvertTo-Json (New Cmdlet)                                            ErrorAction
ConvertTo-Json (New Cmdlet)                                            WarningAction
ConvertTo-Json (New Cmdlet)                                            ErrorVariable
ConvertTo-Json (New Cmdlet)                                            WarningVariable
ConvertTo-Json (New Cmdlet)                                            OutVariable
ConvertTo-Json (New Cmdlet)                                            OutBuffer

As mentioned in the title of the post, this is only a quick comparison of the cmdlets between Version 2 and Version 3 of Windows PowerShell.

I purposely don’t add details such as which parameters are positional, which are parts of parameter sets, and etcetera.

All of these details can be retrieved with the excellent built in help.

My purpose is only to highlight the differences in versions, to get you (and me) quickly up to speed on the proper parameters for all the cmdlets.

I’m also working on a list of new and removed cmdlets in the Exchange 2013 Management Shell – look for that article soon.


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