Got-Bug? Connect it!

I have been running the various versions of PowerShell 3 since the first Windows 8 developer preview was released, and started using the PowerShell ISE at the same time, as PowerGUI was not compatible with the required .Net 4.0 bits. (That’s since been fixed, and yet I remain with PowerShell ISE).

Anyhow, I noticed a few bugs, and a few areas where the ISE could be improved, so I left some feedback on in the PowerShell area. (

Of the five feedback items I left, three have been fixed in the newest release, and two still Active.


  1. ISE Top Level Menus do not accept keyboard short cuts
  2. ISE should allow editing with closed regions
  3. ISE add Intellesense for script variables


  1. [ISE] Make matching braces, brackets and parenthesis easier to see
  2. ISE – Allow double click of a variable to automatically select the $ character

Perhaps the bugs and suggestions would have been resolved without my input, but perhaps they wouldn’t have, and we’d be stuck with the bugs till V4.

So, the moral of the story is:
If you see a bug, or a feature you want to request, for PowerShell, or any other Microsoft technology, use whenever you can.

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