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Print from PowerShell’s Integrated Scripting Environment

Since I started working with the PowerShell V# CTP, I have been using the ISE instead of PowerGUI’s script editor, as PowerGUI does not yet support .Net version 4, which is required by PowerShell V3. One feature that is missing in the ISE is the ability to print a script. Jeffry Hicks has a solution […]

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PowerShell WMI Gather DNS settings for all Servers

A question came up on TechNet: “I am new to PowerShell and need a wmi script to query all the servers on my network for there dns settings and dump it out to a text file.  Would someone be able to help me get started?” This was a fairly long script, so I decided to […]


PowerShell V.Next: Simplified Where-Object and ForEach-Object

I was perusing the samples that come with the PowerShell V3  CTP (Samples\WindowsPowerShell) when I noticed a folder called “Simplified Foreach and Where” Lo and behold, you no longer need curly braces “{}” or the $_ to refer to the current object in the ForEach-Object and  Where-Object cmdlets! The sample is incredibly simple, but quickly […]


Share-Story | Win-Prize

PowerShell Magazine is currently soliciting articles for a series called “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Windows PowerShell”. Anyone can submit an article and potentially win a TrainSignal PowerShell course. Check it out at PowerShell Magazine, and help new users!

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PowerShell V 3.0 CTP Export-Csv now has an Append parameter!

Great news for all those folks who rely on Export-Csv and who have been wanting an Append parameter! The latest CTP of PowerShell 3.0 now provides the parameter. It’s not perfect, but it’s close – if the data you are exporting does not match the current data, you will receive an error: If you rerun […]


Guest blog post on Hey, Scripting Guy! blog

Shortly after the Windows 2.0 PowerShell Bible came out, I was contacted by Ed Wilson of Microsoft Scripting Guy fame. He asked all of the authors if we’d like to contribute a guest blog post to the Hey, Scripting Guy! blog. I am pleased to say that mine is now published. I extended a script […]

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