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CopyToColorizedHTML–Script Editor Add-on for PowerGUI

I posted my script editor add-in on the PowerGUI Challenge folder Based on Lee Holmes Set-ClipboardScript located here: script editor add-on will copy the current window to HTML ready to post on a blog or web page.This tool is found under Edit -> Copy As -> Colorized HTMLThe script will copy the entire […]


Retrieve all Exchange mailboxes by OU with PowerShell

A question came up on ”Hi guys, I’ve been blindsided by the General Manager and need to get a list of all our Mailboxes, as well as the smtp addresses attached to them. I need these to be pumped out per OU (we have a lot) so that I can do costings per OU. […]


PowerShell rename a mailbox folder using Exchange Web Services API

A question came up on the Exchange Server Forum on ‘Is it possible to use PowerShell with a COM access to connect to a remote outlook mailbox and change the name of a folder, especially a custom folder not a system folder like inbox,sent items,contact…etc? I have a project where I need to change […]


Creating random users for a domain

I needed to create some users for my Active Directory domain I created to use in the book “Windows PowerShell Bible” for the Exchange Management chapter. I could have done something simple like: 001 1..120 | ForEach { Net User “BookUser$_” P@ssW0rd /ADD /Domain} This would have created 120 users in the Users ou on my domain, but they would have all […]


Working on a book :)

I have been asked to be a co-author on the upcoming Wiley book “Windows PowerShell Bible” My Co Authors are: Douglas FinkeMark SchillTome Tanasovski Marco Shaw is our Technical Editor The book is tentatively scheduled for a June 2011 release.


PowerGUI Challenge 2010

The PowerGUI Challenge 2010 is nearly here. The challenge runs from October 15th to November 15th, so you have plenty of time to create a really cool Add-On or PowerPack I plan to upload my first Add-On on October 15th. Judges this year are Jeffrey Snover and Hemant Mahawar from Microsoft Corporation, along with MVP’s […]

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